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Traveling Journal

I want to start a traveling journal but I don’t even know how I’d start it. I’d want it to go all over the place, and get back to me. I don’t want someone else to keep it, or never send it out to the next person… What should I do ?

Fuck you. Fuck your friends. Fuck any male or female that’s trying to get into this fucking relationship and break what is left of it apart. I genuinely am done. I’m going to fake the smiles, the love, the heart warming hugs and just everything in between because fuck. it. all. I know my priorities. I know when to stand up to someone and say “Hey, this is my fucking relationship, not yours so back the fuck off.” Unlike you. If someone is coming at me sideways talking about you I’ll cut them off faster than you can blink. But like you, you don’t say anything. You don’t stop it, you just pretend like it didn’t happen. Well you can’t ignore the fucking elephant sitting next to you babe. But if you really really want to, then fine. I can be that way too. Only with me, you are going to lose me. There is no saving something that doesn’t want to be fixed. I tried but when I bring something, anything actually up in a conversation you get mad. I can’t deal with that, i can’t handle that and I especially cannot handle people telling you straight up mean, rude, disrespectful or hurtful things about me and you not even trying to defend me like.. You’re supposed to be my husband. You of all people shouldn’t have to be told to protect or defend me.